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Physical Inventory Services


UTS personnel will conduct a district wide physical inventory of all Assets and Equipment with a unit cost of $1,000.00 and above to include all Computers, Laptops, Chromebooks, IPADs, LCD Projectors, Document Cameras, Promethean/Smart, Interactive Panels/Boards.

Build/Verify a current automated inventory of all Fixed Assets that meet the reporting criteria listed below using scan-able barcode labels with a human readable number.
(District will provide the barcode labels)

The following data for each asset will be captured if it is available: Cost Center, Location Area Code, Barcode Number, Asset ID number on all new assets not resident in the Harris Fixed Asset Module, Asset Description, Make/Manufacture, Model, Serial Number and a cost will be applied if required. All costs are based on current market value not depreciated value.

Tag/Retag (ATTACH) a scan-able barcode label to all assets meeting the reporting criteria. When possible, we will use the current Asset ID numbers assigned to Retag the asset with a scan-able barcode label and retain the asset historical data.

Reconcile inventory results against existing Master File Records currently resident in the Fixed Asset Module and provide list of missing assets.

Provide an electronic file and remote assistance with uploading inventory results into your Harris, Fixed Asset Module. When there is not an interface established in the district Fixed Asset Module an Excel Spread Sheet or text file of the inventory results will be provided.

Provide a written analysis of the entire inventory process within 30 days of completion of the inventory. The written analysis will include documented recommendations for maintaining your inventory.