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Laura Parnell

Accountant & Fixed Asset Coordinator of Anderson School District One

"...With the assistance of UTS personnel and after installing FAST II for CSI in our District, we now have more accountability at the school level for the assets that we have and for new ones coming in. It helped identify weak areas of the processes that were in place; for example, tags being sent to the schools to be put on assets and never making it onto the asset. "

Kim Emerson

General Fund Accountant/Local School Accountant

Limestone Co Bd of Education

"I never thought keeping track of inventory for such a large school system could be so easy. We are a school system with 16 cost centers and 4 auxiliary sites. As you can image, we have a very large inventory base. We hired United Technology Solutions (UTS) 3 years ago. They came on site and within two weeks our entire school inventory had been scanned. This alone would have taken a month or more if our personnel had performed the task. After they reconciled the information, they provided an upload data file that updated the master file in our software. During the upload, Sally explained the process and any changes in inventory in great detail. Sally and Ken are very patient, attentive to needs, and very knowledgeable about what they do. They take great pride in the services they provide. I would highly recommend using UTS for all of your inventory needs. "

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